Hilarious social media posts people incorrectly correcting others

Proof you don’t always know best! Hilarious times social media users have stepped in to correct someone online – only to realise THEY’RE the ones in the wrong

  • Hilarious posts show social media users wrongly correcting other people
  • Bored Panda collated posts by users in North America, Europe and the UK
  • Among them, people wrongly (and rudely) corrected other people’s spelling 

‘Pride goes before a fall’, the old saying goes, and these hilarious social media posts certainly support that idea.

These posts by social media users in North America and the UK, collated into a gallery by Bored Panda, show people making themselves look foolish by incorrectly correcting others.

Among the posts, several show people trying to correct spelling, and getting it toe-curlingly wrong.

Another shows a man being patronising about what he believes is a pregnancy test – but is actually a Covid test.

Here, FEMAIL shares the most embarrassing times people incorrectly corrected others… 

This person got their red, white and blue flags mixed up when a flag of Liberia made them think of the US

Mixing up your and you’re is a mistake that often happens, but not as deliciously ironically (and incorrectly) as in this post

An Uber driver, thought to be based in the US, reveals how a passenger made a cringeworthy attempt at making a point

People from around the world have shared the most humiliating moments a person has tried to correct them – but they were ultimately in the wrong (pictured, somewhat cantankerous-sounding man, thought to be based in the UK, got it totally wrong when they thought a Covid test was a pregnancy test)

Elven NOT eleven! One person, in an unknown location, was left humiliated after they attempted to correct a person whom they thought had counted their cutlery incorrectly 

Spelling counts, according to the somewhat pompous person, thought to be North America-based, who ‘corrected’ this post – it’s a shame they got it wrong!

You missed the joke! This US-based poster set his sights on the wrong ‘author’ when they wrongly blasted Stephen King’s spelling 

A poster, from the US, made the crucial error of assuming that every other human on the planet lives in the States – only to be told they were wrong

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One person, believed to be from Portugal, revealed how they ended up being schooled about the difference between a doe and a deer by their five-year-old niece  

This US-based social media user  appeared totally confused between the difference between distances in this jokey cartoon 

One Twitter user, from an unknown location, was left howling after they complained about young people not understanding how television used to work

So a single gram of diamonds weighs 15 grams you say? And the weight of diamonds is the only reason they aren’t used to make bulletproof vests. Sound logic…

One user appeared to suggest that the Statue of Liberty was not only the tallest ‘man made structure’, but also that it was ‘literally built by America’

According to these people’s logic, while Spanish people don’t exist, their language mysteriously does

When one user blocked another for correcting their grammar because it ‘feelded’ good, another attempted to step in

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