Anne Hegerty defends Jenny Ryan from rude Twitter remark

The Chase: Anne Hegerty defeats players in final round

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Anne Hegerty, 64, who is best known by her Chaser name The Governess, defended Jenny Ryan, 40, after she tweeted to her 109,400 followers, asking for them to help her decipher what a disgruntled Twitter user was referring to in a nasty tweet.

The tweet from Jenny read: “Can anyone enlighten me as to what this person is referring to?”

After an unnamed user, which Jenny purposefully left out of the cropped image, had written to her: “I thought you were disgusting in Beat the Chasers with your attitude towards your fellow chasers.

“It was embarrassing on The Chase watching you blow your own trumpet, but seeing the episode with Margot and Ria again demonstrated what an appalling person you are.!

With her characteristic wit, Anne was one of the first to reply to Jenny’s plea for help concerning the less than complimentary tweet.

She joked: “I believe they are trying to say, ‘Nurse! I’m out of bed again!’”

Gaining 350 likes for her remark, which was even more likes than Jenny’s original tweet, others commented with numerous laughing emoji’s.

One of those who liked Anne’s reply was former Countdown star Carol Vorderman, who has her own wicked sense of humour.

In line with Anne’s reply, others defended Jenny, whose Chaser nickname is The Vixen.

One user under the name Hazel commented: “I don’t know what they’re on about.

“I’ve never met you, but you were the chaser when my Mam was on and she said you were fab.” (sic)

And another added: “Jenny don’t listen to them I don’t care what anyone else says but u are an amazing person who is so nice and respectful.

U are the vixen. U don’t have a attitude at all. When I met u u were so happy and wasn’t like people said u were who ever believes it are wrong.” (sic)

A third, Kate Knox, joined the conversation, writing: “This person is projecting.

“They clearly don’t understand the humour of the Chasers’ cheeky trash talk (if you can call it that!). You are fantastic at your job, and clearly a very lovely person.”

ITV game show The Chase first came onto television screens in 2009 and now regularly attracts audiences of three to five million.

The success of the show, with host Bradley Walsh at the helm has also allowed it to create numerous spin-offs including Beat The Chasers, where contestants attempt to beat up to five chasers to win big cash prizes.

Anne has appeared on the show since 2010, with Jenny joining in 2015.

Having gained a following from appearing on the show, Anne is a regular on social media, which can sometimes land her in a spot of bother.

Most recently she received criticism for her comments on Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield amid them being wrongly accused of queue jumping to see the Queen lying in state.

Initially saying that the This Morning duo were exempt from the queue as they were doing a “piece to camera,” Anne had to tweet again, clarifying that she made a mistake.

She tweeted: “Yes, I was wrong about them doing a piece to camera from Westminster Hall. But I was right that they were there to work. They were being escorted from one part of the hall to another by people whose job it is to escort those with media accreditation.

“I have a Proficiency Certificate from the National Council for the Training of Journalists. If I don’t object to their having media accreditation, who are you to?”

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