I'm a Hooters girl – we have to pay $5 for a major part of our iconic look that breaks often | The Sun

A HOOTERS girl has revealed the part of the sexy server's uniform that is most likely to malfunction.

The girls have to pay for these themselves, and it's $5 every time they have to get a new one — which is reportedly quite often.

At the top of her video, Jade Amber, @jadeamberrrrr shows the tear in her Hooter's uniform tights.

"It's $5 for our panty hose and they tear ALL THE TIME." she captioned the TikTok.

Hooters servers are not permitted to wear ripped tights as a part of their uniform, per the video.

Jade then shows herself buying a new pair from a hose-dispensing vending machine.


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She tries multiple buttons, each labeled "Suntan D," before one of them works and puts out a fresh pair of tights for her.

After tossing the old pair in the trash, the TikToker shares the best way to put on the tights without ripping them again.

"Okay guys, so basically you roll up your tights so you don't rip them while you're putting them on," she advised.

"As you can see, I have longer nails so it's kind of harder. Then you have to pull down your sock and put the pantyhose over your heel, then pull the sock over your panty hose."

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At the start of each shift, Hooters girls have to clean their shoes to ensure they are the classic sparkling white.

Grime Boss shoe cleaning wipes are used in the restaurants for those that come in with dirty shoes, according to Jade.

Viewers were quick to offer more affordable uniform workarounds in the comments.

One comment read: "Buy. Them. In. Bulk. On. Amazon."

In reply, another TikTok user one-upped that suggestion when they said, "DEMAND THAT YOUR EMPLOYER PROVIDES YOUR ENTIRE UNIFORM!"

Others thought dance tights were the perfect hack for buying and re-buying tights from the company over and over again.

"Get dance capezio tights! They are very stretchy and I’ve had mine for a year now and have lasted (through) all my competitions without any rips!" one comment offered.

Another responded: "I BEEN SAYIN THIS. I’m pretty sure they only let them wear THOSE tights but if I worked there I would just wear dance tights until they told me not to."

Previously, another TikToker did a haul of the entire Hooters girl uniform lineup.

There has also been a recent hack from a server about how to make tight clothing fit more comfortably, using the notoriously body-conscious uniform as an example.

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