‘Don’t feel comfortable’ Kaye Adams shares Strictly Come Dancing fears

Strictly: Kaye Adams opens up on 'mental challenge' of steps

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The Loose Women star took to the dancefloor for the first time on Saturday during the first live Strictly Come Dancing episode of the year. Partnered with Kai Widdrington, the journalist detailed her discomfort in learning “sexy” routines as she admitted the thought of the rumba gives her “the ick”.

Explaining how she is a total beginner when it comes to dancing, Kai reassured her that it was a good thing.

“It’s actually nice — you get to start from scratch,” he explained.

“I don’t feel comfortable with the sexy, seductive stuff,” the 59-year-old admitted.

“The thought of doing the rumba gives me the ick…”

When asked whether they have a secret weapon, Kaye confessed: “We have an invisible friend.”

Continuing, Kai told Radio Times: “We’ve invented an alter ego called Fifi LaTouche.

“We’re going to bring her out when we get the more flamboyant numbers.

“But Kaye’s going to be a beautiful ballroom dancer as well. She’ll surprise you.”

Kaye expressed the same concerns while talking to her Loose Women co-stars on Monday.

Joining her colleagues via video link, she explained: “If you’ve never, ever danced before, and I have never ever danced before, it is trying to make your body respond to these messages from your brain that it’s just not used to.

“I’ve never been sending these messages, you know, I can talk but I’ve never been able to actually coordinate movement particularly.

“I mean, I was famous in my aerobics class for grape-vining in the opposite direction from everyone else!”

She continued: “So actually having to concentrate on putting your heel down first rather than your toe, the counts, the position of your neck, doing all of that…

“All of these things, on top of the steps, it is a mental challenge I would say, more than anything else.

“And then you’ve got the emotional challenge on top of it, which is, ‘Do I look like a 59-year-old sack of potatoes?’

“Which was going round in my head.” Her co-stars assured her she looked great on the dancefloor.

Kaye put plenty of effort into her dance on Saturday, but the judges were unanimous in that she let her nerves get the better of her.

Motsi Mabuse made some promising comments though, expressing the TV star did have “potential”.

Kaye isn’t the first of her Loose Women team to try her hand on the dancefloor.

Just last year, her co-star Judi Love danced on the show with Graziano Di Prima, coming in tenth place.

Strictly Comes Dancing continues on Saturday at 6.30pm on BBC One.

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