Spoilers: Matchmaking Lola reunites Ben and Callum in EastEnders?

We never give up hope of a reunion for Ben (Max Bowden) and Callum (Tony Clay) on EastEnders, and were very cheered when Max Bowden recently commented that, ‘Ben and Callum will always have that glint in their eyes for each other.’

Their relationship was already struggling when Ben was brutally raped by Lewis (Aidan O’Callaghan), but as Ben dealt with the aftermath of the attack he pushed his husband further away and turned to drugs in an effort to try to block the pain he was feeling.

After Ben finally decided to go to the police to report the attack, Callum found out about the terrible ordeal he’d been through. Following this, he was keen to reunite but at that point Ben was still full of self-loathing caused by comments that Lewis had made to him and he said that Callum deserved better.

There could be a glimmer of hope in upcoming episodes, though.

When Lexi (Isabella Brown) interviews Callum for a school project, Lola (Danielle Harold) is convinced that he and Ben still have feelings for each other and she tries to convince Ben to give his marriage one last chance.

Could a reunion be on the cards at last?

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