People are claiming taping their mouths shut at night helps them sleep

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It’s being called mouth taping, and it’s as simple as it sounds. People are claiming their tape their mouths shut at night, suggesting the practice has a host of positives. However, it is being called dangerous by professionals.

Social media users claim taping their mouths shut at night prevents tooth cavities and even lowers blood pressure. In total videos on the subject have amassed over 25 million views.

One such influencer is TikTok user Isabelle.Lux, who mostly posts about anti-aging on her account where she has a massic 350,000 following.

She has amassed almost five million views talking about mouth taping alone.

Palm Beach-based vlogger Isabella claims breathing through your mouth can cause dental issues and even a weakened immune system.

She told fans: “I tape my mouth shut every night before I go to bed. Sleeping properly is really important to anti-aging and looking and feeling your best.”

She claims to have the “best sleep ever” when taping her mouth shut using special tape she buys from Amazon.

Others on the app have made claims, such as that breathing through your nose will make you feel more rested, will improve your cognitive skills, and lower your blood pressure. But what do experts say?

It is the case that breathing through your nose is better for you, however, using tape could be even worse.

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Sleep medicine specialist Dr. Federico Cerrone, of Atlantic Health System, told HealthLine: “It’s incredibly dangerous and is likely a quick fix instead of treating the root cause.”

It is normal for a healthy person to breathe both through their nose and mouth, but most of the time through their nose.

When someone is only able to breathe through their mouth long-term or habitually breathes through their nose, some health issues can occur.

Breathing through the mouth a lot can increase issues caused by allergies or asthma. It could also cause throat and ear infections.

Breathing through the mouth consistently in children could develop health issues in adulthood and should be addressed by a doctor.

If you find you are mouth breathing, there could be a number of underlying causes, such as a cold, allergies, or a deviated septum.

If you are concerned, it’s best to see a doctor.

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