Coi Leray Mocked by Rolling Ray After Claiming Someone Pays Blogs Not to Post Her

The ‘TWINNEM’ raptress gets schooled by the ‘BigPurrrr’ artist after she says in a social media post that someone is trying to shadowban her by paying blogs.

AceShowbizCoi Leray lets out her thoughts only to be mocked. The “TWINNEM” raptress has been slammed by Rolling Ray after she said that she believes someone is paying blogs not to post her.

Making use of her Twitter account on Sunday, September 18, the daughter of Benzino tweeted, “Paying blogs not to post me is sad.” In a following post, she added, “What’s in the dark always comes to light! Stay prayed up! Stay focused !!”

Coi also cryptically said, “Hurt people hurt people.” She later warned, “Don’t come over here looking for problems,” before saying, “The world got plenty of them already so let’s promote positivity as much as we can.”

Responding to Coi’s claim, Rolling Ray quote-retweeted one of her tweets and wrote, “Baby you’re not [Beyonce Knowles], Lil’ Kim, Nicki Minaj nor cardi b!” The “BigPurrrr” artist further schooled her, “What is there to keep up wit when your debut album ain’t even sell more than 11,000 copies! & you had soo many features , but when the talent doesn’t add up with the sound this is what happens. Tighten up. Better days.”

Rolling Ray’s reaction apparently sparked debate among social media users. Some agreed with Rolling Ray, with one noting, “Damn he kinda got a point tho,” and another saying, “One thing about him he gonna tell the truth.”

Others, in the meantime, rallied behind the “Blick Blick” raptress. “He wants to be her so bad it’s sad,” one person commented. In the meantime, someone else said, “I’m telling you.. he talk soo much s**t.. and s**t keeps happening to him.. And what talent does he have again?”

“You need to go worry about getting out that wheel chair and stay out of women’s business you got alot more time on your hands when you gotta get help me out that wheelchair and I said what I said,” penned a different social media user. Another simply replied to Rolling Ray’s diss, “I’m surprised she ain’t block you yet lmao.”

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