Spoilers: Leyla leaves Liam after huge argument as she returns in Emmerdale

Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) returned to the Emmerdale village in tonight’s episode following a stint in rehab for her cocaine addiction.

However, she wasn’t at home for long before she back her bags and moved straight out again, heading to stay with son Jacob (Joe Warren-Plant).

The decision came as a result of an argument with Liam (Jonny McPherson) over his ability to communicate.

As soon as they returned home, Liam went out for a pint of milk which (surprise, surprise) they didn’t actually need. Instead, he really wanted some time alone, to avoid the conversations that Leyla wanted to have about their relationship through her recovery.

When Leyla found a full bottle of milk in the fridge, she made up the spare bed and admitted that she couldn’t cope with his negativity, as she needed his support.

She suggested that he try therapy, to which he responded that it had made her self-centred, which was the final straw for Leyla.

As she prepared to leave, she promised Liam that they would talk tomorrow.

Will he finally open up, or is this the end of Liam and Leyla’s marriage for good?

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