IG Model Danii Banks Says She Was Drugged by Men Who Stole Cash, Cartier Watch

Model Danii Banks didn’t have a good time at a party … she told cops she was intoxicated and some really bad people stole her luxury watch and cash.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Danii told Vegas cops she had a Cartier watch stolen from her home and had $5,000 taken from her bank account after going to a party.

Cops say Danii told them she thinks she was drugged at the party … because she was not in her right mind. She told police a man drove her home in her car … and she says two other men followed in another car to pick up the man who dropped her off.

According to the report, Danii says when she came to, she discovered her Cartier watch was missing. She also told cops she found her bank accounts were overdrawn, and believes someone got into her phone and was able to transfer two Zelle payments from her Chase Bank accounts, totaling $5,000. Danii also claims her American Express credit card is missing.

She says security footage from her condo complex shows three men with her at the front gate … but she says she would not be able to identify them. The surveillance footage shows the men driving away in a blue Chevy Impala.

TMZ broke the story … Danii confronted an intruder in her Georgia home back in 2019, literally coming face-to-face with him while she was naked.

As for the Vegas incident, cops are investigating.

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