Emmerdale Macks lover revealed as fans work out identity after tense call

Emmerdale fans are convinced they've worked out the identity of Mackenzie Boyd's secret lover after an intense phone call dropped some big hints.

Mack, played by Lawrence Robb, cheated on his girlfriend Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) after discovering she had tragically suffered an ectopic pregnancy and lost their baby.

He's been so far keeping the infidelity underneath the radar and as he prepared to go on holiday with Charity, he gets a mysterious phone call.

Answering the phone angrily, he said: "Why are you ringing me?"

"Yeah yeah I'm going on holiday – not that I need to explain anything to you."

He then said, before hanging up: "Look, you promised you'd stay quiet so just stick to it, alright?"

Belle and Charity had been in the room moments before the phone call, leaving viewers convinced that it couldn't be Belle.

Mack recently opened up to his pal Nate about his extracurricular affairs, but telling him "nice try" when Nate tried to determine who it was that he had slept with.

Nate pushed for more information as he said: "Someone I know? Because if it's someone from around here, it'll come out some how. I thought my secret was safe and she lived miles away. You're going to be bumping into your secret every day in the pub, the pub that Charity runs."

Fan theories about who it could be have been going wild.

One person tweeted: "Hmmm not belle then, must be Chloe #Emmerdale,", whilst another wrote: "It’s clearly Chloe, you seen her arm and her nails, but it’s weird that after being stalked by Noah she is now stalking Mack."

Another wrote: " #Emmerdale I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Chas who Mack had a one night stand with, she’s been with everyone else hasn’t she?" and a fourth tweeted: "Chloe ringing mack".

The actual identity is yet to be revealed but in true soap style, no doubt it will be a big showdown when or if the fiery Charity finds out what her boyfriend has been up to.

Mack hasn't been the only one playing away, as Chas Dingle and Al Chapman have also been having an affair.

Only recently, Chas was supposed to join husband Paddy Kirk at a hotel where he was attending a conference with their daughter Eve.

However, Chas pretended that her car had broken down and she had booked a B&B for her and Eve nearby so she could secretly meet lover Al in a luxury cottage he had booked for them as a secret getaway.

While Eve slept, Al started cooking Chas a romantic meal before the couple decided to go upstairs, where Al later told Chas that he loves her.

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