Drivers could reduce fuel consumption by 12% with stop-start engine button

The price of petrol and diesel in the UK has been incredibly high this year.

And with the cost of living crisis, it's been a struggle for many Brits financially.

Fortunately there are ways of keeping the spendings down as people often share money saving tricks online.

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Now one TikTok user, Megan's Bubble, shared a video about a button which can be found in most people's cars.

In the car, the button is displayed by an "A" with a circular arrow wrapping about it.

She said in the video: "If you have a button that looks like this in your car this is your automatic start-stop button."

She added: "It's going to automatically shut down your vehicle when it is stationary, like when you're sitting at a stop light.

"It's supposed to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions."

Stop-start engines are now becoming more common than ever as the technology detects the car when it's not moving.

When the car is motionless or out of gear, the fuel supply and connection to the engine are halted.

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This is to prevent idling which wastes money on fuel and produces harmful emissions without the car going anywhere.

For drivers using this feature, fuel economy could increase by as much as 12%.

In other motoring news, four new laws are set to hit next month which could include driving abroad.

Drivers risk £1,000 fines and penalty points if they make the wrong move to get out of the way of an emergency vehicle.

The Highway Code makes it clear that drivers should give way to vehicles with flashing lights, including police cars and fire engines.

However, the new law says when letting emergency cars pass, drivers must continue to abide by regular laws of the road.

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