Where do I join the queue and is there a fast-track option?

Where do I join the queue and is there a fast-track option? Your questions answered on the Queen lying in state

How long is the queue?

Last night it was already some 2.5 miles, meaning a wait of 12 hours. Ministers warn people could have to wait 30 hours or more.

Where do I join?

The back of the queue can be found by scanning the QR code here or looking on this Government channel: www.youtube.com/user/dcms

What should I bring?

A poncho or umbrella, a portable phone charger and a book. Don’t bring: Folding chairs, large bags, food, drink, flowers, placards, flags – or Paddington Bears.

The line of people waiting to pay respects to the Queen could extend to 10 miles

What about children?

All ages are welcome, but parents have been reminded of the rigours of the queue.

What about toilets and refreshments?

There are 500 portable toilets, and water stations. Food can be bought at snack stops. Local organisations will open for longer to provide comfort breaks and refreshment.

Is there a fast-track?

There is an ‘accessible queue’ for those with disabilities or anyone struggling to cope.

What are the rules in Westminster Hall?

Mobile phones cannot be used inside. Clothes with ‘political or offensive slogans’ are banned.

Is there an easier way to see the coffin?

Yes. The BBC is providing a dedicated live stream online, on iPlayer and BBC Parliament.

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