Royal expert explains why Prince Harry can’t wear military uniform

Prince Harry: GMB panel discuss military uniform

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Royal biographer Hugo Vickers joined Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard on Good Morning Britain to explain why Prince Harry would reportedly not be allowed to wear military uniform at the Queen’s funeral. Hugo revealed the possible reasons behind Harry being banned and why Prince Andrew would be allowed.

Susanna asked: “What people might be thinking this morning is why has Prince Harry been told that at no stage in this process wear any military uniform or outfit.”

Hugo replied: “Well assuming that to be the case because things can change.

“You must remember he was given the option to hold on to his various positions for a year and decide what he wanted to do. 

“After that, he decided to stay on in California and you can’t be Captain General of the Royal Marines if you live in California and you’re a guy in blue jeans basically.

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“You can’t do both you need to be visible and you need to be there.”

Susanna interjected: “Was the Duke of York not stripped of his military titles?”

“Well he certainly was of the Grenadier Guards for example he’s no longer Colonel of that,” the expert explained. 

“He certainly won’t be wearing Grenadier Guards uniform that’s for certain.

“He presumably will wear a naval uniform because he served in the Royal Navy.”

Ben questioned: “So he’s been given dispensation specifically for the funeral itself whereas Prince Harry has been told he has to just be in theory in civvies.”

“I’m not convinced we really know to be honest and I think it might be just as well to see what happened,” Hugo said. 

The expert reminded the hosts that senior members of the Royal Family did not wear military uniforms for Prince Philip’s funeral.

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Hugo remarked: “They all wore morning dress and they looked fine. 

“It’s a shame in a way and I think on this occasion being a state funeral you do need them in their uniforms where possible. 

“If they’re not allowed to wear their uniforms then so be it.

“Prince Andrew looked fine in his morning coat with his Garter Star and his medals.”

The Duke of Sussex has reportedly been denied the chance to wear military uniform as he mourns the Queen. 

However, the Duke of York may be permitted to do so at the lying in state vigil. 

He is expected to be joined by the Queen’s other children during the Vigil of the Princes where they will stand guard around the Queen’s coffin. 

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