TalkSPORT fans threaten to boycott over Trevor Sinclair’s Queen tweet

Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla 'had a lot in common' says Levin

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Trevor Sinclair has been suspended from talkSport following a now-deleted tweet about Queen Elizabeth II. The former England player faced backlash for the tweet and furious talkSPORT listeners are calling on the pundit to be removed from the station permanently following the investigation. 

Trevor’s tweet read: “Racism was outlawed in England in the 60’s & its been allowed to thrive so why should black & brown mourn!! #queen.” (sic)

TalkSport responded: “We have been trying to make contact with Trevor Sinclair following opinions expressed on his Twitter account.

“talkSPORT does not support those views expressed and is investigating the matter.”

On Friday, talkSPORT issued a statement confirming they had suspended the pundit and investigating the tweet. 

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“Trevor Sinclair will not be on air while we carry out a thorough investigation into the circumstances and timing of the tweet,” they wrote. 

“While we respect the right of Trevor Sinclair to express his opinion on his personal twitter account, talkSPORT does not endorse the tweet.”

Furious talkSPORT listeners expressed their anger at the pundit’s tweet. 

David Coverdale added: “Please don’t ever let this man on your station again I listen 8 hours a day 5 days a week but never again while this man is still on your station.” (sic)

Leighton Williams wrote: “Investigating? He made published that tweet, he’s employed by you, he has to be sacked. 

“Failure to sack him will cost you a huge number of listeners and sponsors. Don’t p**s about with investigations, and suspensions.”

Gerry agreed: “I will no longer listen to Talk sport while they are associated with Sinclair. Do the right thing Talksport!.”

However, Will Ross argued: “Honestly I get why this tweet upset so many people, but on what grounds can he be sacked for? It’s his twitter & his views are his own.”+

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Jules Winnfield shared: “You can’t sack him for voicing an opinion, people have said far worse talkSPORT need to relax themselves.”

Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at Balmoral Castle aged 96 on Thursday. 

In a statement, King Charles III said: “We mourn profoundly the passing of a cherished sovereign and a much-loved mother.

“I know her loss will be deeply felt throughout the country, the realms and the Commonwealth, and by countless people around the world.”

Speaking outside No. 10 on Thursday, Prime Minister Liz Truss said: “Queen Elizabeth II was the rock on which modern Britain was built.

“Our country has grown and flourished under her reign. Britain is the great country it is today because of her.

“In the difficult days ahead we will come together with our friends across the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and the world to celebrate her extraordinary lifetime of service.”

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