Jeremy Clarkson breaks silence on Grand Tour co-star James May’s crash

Jeremy Clarkson on being refused planning permission for farm

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Jeremy Clarkson has broken his silence on James May’s “massive accident” earlier in the year. The Grand Tour hosts were filming for their Prime Video series in Norway when the accident occured, after James crashed into a wall at 75mph whilst driving on a naval base.

That’s why he’s still here today

Jeremy Clarkson

The Clarkson’s Farm star branded his co-star’s crash a “massive accident”.

He went on to compare it with a crash Richard Hammond was in over a decade ago, which saw him in a two-week coma.

Jeremy said: “You know when Hammond has an accident, he keeps going after the accident has begun.

“And this is what peple need to remember with accidents – you can roll down a road upside down and on fire for as long as you like, and it’s very unlikely you’ll get hurt.”

He added that it’s more likely to be hurt when the vehicle comes to a “sudden stop”, adding that it was the case with his co-star James.

Jeremy continued: “Richard, when he went upside down, didn’t come to a sudden stop. That’s why he’s still here today.”

“I was standing right next to him when he crashed.

“I mean, 10 feet away. And I couldn’t believe how fast he was going,” he added to the Evening Standard.

Ricard Hammond also spoke about the crash, saying: “[James May’s] taken the only thing I had left, which was crashing.

“It was a hell of an impact. It’s pretty dramatic.

“And I was surprised that all his limbs didn’t just fall off,” he added to The Sun.

Earlier this month, James May shared an update about his 75mph car crash after he was involved in a dangerous drag race for the popular motoring series.


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The TV presenter reportedly hit his brakes too hard while driving in a dark tunnel, which caused him to crash into a wall at high speed.

He was given the all-clear while undergoing a brain-scan at the hospital as well as suffering through a broken rib.

James emphasised on Twitter to his 3.2 million followers that the incident happened a while ago.

“Thank you for all your kind comments and funny jokes re my crash, but it was a while back, not that bad, and I’m perfectly OK. Apologies to Evo fans for binning the VIII. #Bell**d.”

Alongside his Grand Tour co-stars James and the gang reportedly took turns to race cars up and down a tunnel heading towards a rock wall.

A source reported to The Sun that the lights in the tunnel didn’t turn on until the star were already inside, meaning they had limited time to react.

They explained, after the crash occurred: “It looked extremely worrying at first. Jeremy and Richard were concerned about their mate and the paramedics swooped in quickly.

“As ever on a shoot of this scale, medical staff are waiting in the wings in case – as they did here – things go horribly wrong.”

The source furthered that James had sustained a blood wound on his head and injuries to his back and neck.

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