Woman whose 34G boobs sit near belly button cries after seeing herself naked

A Brit was reduced to tears on television when she was shown a nude avatar of herself, after admitting that she had struggled with the size of her breasts.

Most people can feel insecure about their bodies at times, but new E4 show Send Nudes: Body SOS, has presented Brits with the opportunity to see what they would look like after the surgery they dream of.

With strangers then invited to comment on whether the change is worth the cost, participants are also advised by plastic surgeons on what the often grisly procedures might involve.

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And, in the first episode broadcast yesterday (August 31), a woman opened up about her struggles with her breasts that had left her unable to find a romantic partner.

Sharing her story, Steph, who is 31 and from the East Midlands, confessed: “I don’t like getting undressed, I don’t like looking in the mirror, and this is a daily struggle.

“I’d like to settle down but if I was with a partner, the lights would have to be off, there’s no lights on, because I don’t want to see this issue, why would anybody else want to look at it?”

And, when presented with a naked avatar of herself, Steph couldn’t bear to look, observing: “Oh my God, that is awful… Put your hand over the top part and then the rest is alright, from the belly button down I’m happy.

So the 31 year-old admitted that she is “very open” to considering the idea of having smaller breasts, noting: “My breasts are 34G, and they sit near to my belly button, if I’m honest.

“I think they age me; I’m 31 and I shouldn’t have breasts like that. My mum’s are not even like that and she’s 60-odd years of age… I can’t look at them.”

Becoming tearful, Steph even revealed that the size of her boobs had begun causing her back trouble. But, the show did offer some solutions to Steph’s dilemma.

One suggested option was to reduce her breast size by 30% to resemble the size of an E-cup, with the breast being refolded and lifted to show off her underboob tattoo more clearly.

Alternatively, the show’s surgeon suggested that Steph could go even smaller to a C or D cup, which he claimed would mean that her breasts were less likely to drop in the future.

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Despite this advice, most of the strangers reacting to the avatar advised the singleton to opt for the larger size.

“I think the bigger ones looked a bit better,” drag queen Lill said.

Dancer Raheem agreed, adding: “Because you’re a fuller figure, the smaller chest size, I think it doesn’t sit as well, so don’t get them smaller.”

So, booking herself on a flight to Turkey, the Brit paid £2,000 to update her boobs, and afterwards revealed that she was “super happy” with the results.


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