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HELLBENT on living her life to the fullest before breathing her last, Faith Dingle is causing a lot of mischief.

But the Emmerdale veteran played by Sally Dexter is caught up by her illness next week and attacks her son Cain Dingle.

Faith's bold nature is nowhere near dimmed by her terminal cancer but her condition becomes more difficult for her and her family to bear.

Despite their previously strained relationship, the village tough guy portrayed by Jeff Hordley has taken it upon himself to let the past go and be present for his mother in her last moments.

This is still hard for him to do without feeling annoyed as Faith plots a way to see her grandchildren next week, without any supervision.

She surprises Kyle and Sarah with a chameleon she's stolen from the vets but quickly panics when the animal escapes and joins a stunned Al Chapman at the bar.

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The chameleon is eventually safely returned but Cain and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) aren't happy with their mother's stunt.

While they feel heartbroken to hear her beg not to stop her from making more memories with her grandchildren, the siblings stick to their guns.

Faith feels tormented, believing this is yet another thing that brought her happiness which is being taken away from her.

She grows increasingly scared when all signs point to her having to relinquish control of her own life.

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Chas shows understanding but is stung when Faith says she wants Cain to have lasting power of attorney after she decides on a do-not-resuscitate order (DNR).

The idea of Faith not being able to make her own decisions anymore looks bleak to her family and, whilst looking at the power of attorney registration form, Cain asks solicitor Ethan Anderson (Emile John) for advice.

In later scenes, Cain arrives to see Faith in an attempt to finalise the details of her dying wishes.

But as they go over these, Faith's cancer takes hold again and causes distress.

Confused and horrified, Faith believes her son Cain is actually Shadrach, her former husband and the man who was once believed to be his father.

Cain is shocked when Faith brandishes a frying pan and screams for him to get away.


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Shadrach (played by late soap legend Andy Devine) and Faith were married in 1975 but their union was not a happy one.

Faith gave birth to Cain, letting her husband believe he was his son although his father was actually Shadrach's brother Zak Dingle, with whom she had had a brief affair.

The couple then welcomed a daughter, Chas, and Shadrach became a violent drunk.

When their marriage broke down after his own affair with a woman named Shirley, Faith left both of her children behind with Shadrach, which resulted in Cain feeling hostile towards his own mother.

This was due to the fact Shadrach would brutalise him, although he never harmed Chas.

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