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AN etiquette expert has revealed five tips to help you make a great first impression on a first date.

TikToker Oldsouletiquette said her rules can make you shine in front of a potential partner.

For her first tip, the etiquette coach advised future lovers to always arrive on time.

"This is a simple way to make a great first impression," she explained.

Next, she said dress to impress and make sure you plan your outfits based on what you'll be doing.

"Keep in mind the venue and the activity you'll be doing," she said.

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For her third tip, she suggested that you put your phone away so you can fully engage with the other person.

"Having your phone out can potentially translate as lack of interest," Oldsouletiquette said.

She also advised giving the person your utmost attention even if you don't feel that spark.

"Make sure you're still engaging in a balanced conversation so you feel valued and heard," the expert said.

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"Of course under the assumption that you're safe in the situation and just not feeling connected."

Finally, she said don't let the engaging conversation distract you from maintaining your table manners.

This comes as another etiquette expert revealed five tacky things you should never do at the dining table.

The elegance coach who runs the @zeeliciousfoods TikTok account has a lot to say on the matter.

She posted a video with some advice others can follow before their next trip to a restaurant.

She says: “An elegant person at the table is mindful of what they do, especially in the company of others.

“Some things are an absolute no-go in public because of how extremely tacky they are.

“Go to the bathroom and take care of your business there… in private.”

The first thing she says to avoid is cleaning your nose with your fingers.

Next, she says to avoid cleaning your ears with your fingers.

She also advises against cleaning your mouth with your tongue at the table.

Also on the tacky list is picking your teeth with your tongue if you have food stuck there.

Gargling your drink at the table is the final mistake she says to avoid.

All in all, any cleaning activities should be saved for a bathroom trip whether it's the ears, nose, or mouth.

Several people have responded in her comment section about her dinner table etiquette teachings.

One person wrote: “I love your videos. They teach lots of manners. Thanks so much."

“My sister, teach us! We don’t have manners at all,” another person jokingly added.

A third person wrote: “Sure. [Be] very mindful of everything.”

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