I let my dog get away with more than my boyfriend – and she eats better than we do too | The Sun

A LOVE-struck dog owner says she's more lenient with her pet than she is with her boyfriend.

Alexa Cobbold says her adorable three-year-old Boston Terrier Betty has free reign of her house.

While some pet owners try to train their dogs to sleep on their own and not to destroy the house, Alexa lets hers mostly do as she pleases.

The pup is so adored, she travels with Alexa and her partner when they head abroad.

Alexa said: “Betty definitely rules our home; she has her own bed in every room but chooses to sleep in ours and comes on every UK holiday with us, we’d never leave her behind. 

“I let Betty get away with plenty of things that would drive me mad if my partner did them.


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"She’s allowed to sleep all the time, leave toys everywhere and share my food and snacks."

Alexa regularly shares her breakfast with the pooch – a meal most people would be more than happy to indulge in alone.

She explained: "Betty probably eats better than I do.

"I make her scrambled eggs for breakfast quite a lot, sometimes with parmesan on top.

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"Betty always has some banana from my porridge in the morning, and if she’s lucky she gets a crisp or two at the pub – Wotsits are her favourite."

The adored canine gets steak on her birthday, and Alexa makes her birthday cakes and biscuits from scratch.

She also lets her dog eat at the table at Christmas – and last year, Betty got her very own advent calendar.

Alexa's generosity isn't totally out of the ordinary when it comes to Brits caring for their canines.

A recent study by Hammonds Furniture surveyed 2,000 animal owners in the UK to find out just how far they'd go to spoil and pamper their pooches

One in five confessed to sharing food with their furry friends when eating a meal or snack.

Six per cent admitted they don't mind if their pet wants to join at the table and use same crockery.

And it turns out that only 11 per cent of dog owners don’t spoil their fur babies at all, according to the survey.

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The research also revealed that over a third of dog owners (37 per cent) let their pup sleep in their bed – but the canine population is hard done by compared to their feline friends.

Over half of cats are allowed to snooze in complete comfort with their owners. 

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