We transformed a van into our dream home in three months – it’s so tiny our shower is hidden INSIDE a kitchen cupboard | The Sun

A COUPLE who loved to travel decided to permanently take their life on the road.

They converted a van into their dream home and it has everything they could ever need, even if it's tiny.

Nate and Maud told Tiny House Giant Journey that after meeting at a party in Thailand they quickly fell in love and tied the knot.

After travelling around in the back of Nate's Toyota, they knew they needed something slightly bigger.

The duo moved back into Nate's childhood home so they could convert the van in the driveway.

"It was quite an experience to say the least," Nate said.

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Three months and £49,000 later, the van was finished and the couple were ready to start their new lift together on the road.

"It's the most challenging thing I've ever done and it comes with ups and downs, but we definitely enjoyed building it," Maud explained.

The van itself is packed to the brim with everything they couple could ever need for their travels.

Nate said: "We tried to make as much use of the space as possible, the doors have become our shoe storage, there's little pockets for everything we could need."

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Inside the van, which they affectionately named Jetty, there's a light and airy feeling thanks do the white decor and minimalist approach.

Maud explained that they wanted something that felt homey, so sticking to neutral colours was a great way to achieve that.

She said: "For the kitchen we wanted we wanted a big counter top so we have enough space to cook, clean and cut our vegetables, we also have a very deep sink."

You might be fooled into thinking there's no bathroom aboard the van, but you'd be wrong.

Hidden in a kitchen cupboard the couple have their entire bathroom.

"We chose to do a foldable shower because we only shower for five minutes a day and for us so for us it didn't make sense to give up 50 percent of your space," Maud explained.

The toilet can be removed from the cupboard and a shower curtain is then hung up around the space to make the shower.

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The couple have a double bed in the van as well as an area for working thanks to a swivel table.

"One think we would do differently is make the cabinets smaller because we feel a bit cramped with this size," Maud added.

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