Safaree Samuels Declares He’ll Practice Celibacy After Sex Tape Leak

The ‘Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’ alum makes the declaration on Twitter after he threatened to sue people who unleashed his alleged sex tape with Kimbella Matos.

AceShowbiz -Having an alleged leaked sex tape seemingly has taught Safaree Samuels a lesson. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” alum recently declared on social media that he will practice celibacy.

The 41-year-old made his statement on Twitter. “Abstinence starts now!!!! So serious! I met a prophet and she said I need to be celibate and I’m listening!!! I’m not even touching it to pee!!” he penned.

Earlier this month, Safaree threatened to sue people who unleashed his alleged sex tape with Kimbella Matos. “I am Taking full legal and criminal action,” the rapper wrote on Twitter. “The person who did that is going to pay. And I am not letting up either. Not letting this 1 slide. This is a cyber crime and I am pressing full charges!!”

Some people, however, were not buying Safaree’s claim. “You leaked it urself fool,” one person told the emcee. “The call is coming from inside the house,” another penned. A third individual, meanwhile, shared a GIF of two figures of Spider-Man pointing at each other. The user then noted, “Plaintiff v Defendant.”

Safaree’s ex-wife Erica Mena also subtly reacted to the post. On her own page, she argued, “Can one of y’all ask this fool to pay these bills that’s been pending for months on this parenting app before he starts fake ‘suing’ himself and his paid sex partner.” She simply added, “SMH.”

Prior to this, Erica slammed Safaree and his alleged new girlfriend Kimbella. “Talking crazy about your baby mother to your prostitute but you don’t even know your kid sizes is a weird flex,” she argued in a tweet, which Kimbella reposted on her Instagram Story as she warned, “You gotta be real stupid to let your BS get back to me. I will air you out and bury you.”

In a follow-up snap, Kimbella fumed, “It’s so funny how I never mention your stupid uneducated a** in a good or bad way because we are both grown and on two different levels mentally, but money couldn’t buy you a new p****y, could it?” She added, “Keep my name out your mouth.”

Firing back, Erica noted, “I am so uneducated on you but here you are thinking you’re so educated on me.” The mom of two further stressed, “How is it that you know so much about my whereabouts Kim Bolla? Stalking me must get exhausting, especially since I actually work and don’t have to bed to get my bills paid for.”

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