Ben Napier's 'Luxurious' Gift to His Wife Erin is Something All Moms Will Appreciate

Ben Napier absolutely nailed his birthday gift to wife Erin ahead of her 37th birthday. The Home Town star gave her something you can’t quite fit into a box but is just as special.

“Happy birthday to the love of my life,” he wrote in a note that Erin shared on Instagram. “This year, I am giving you the most luxurious gift there is. Time.” He then broke down her schedule for the week, which included a movie matinee with her mom, a lunch date with him and some solo time with her painting studio.

Yup, sometimes dreams do come true and for many, many moms out there this is the absolute dream.

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The gift meant the world to the HGTV star. “I should tell you that Ben isn’t perfect. No one is,” she captioned the post. “But he is completely perfect for me. I had a good cry this morning. Husbands: give your wife time for her birthday. 🥹💕” Fans took to the comment section to swoon over this sweet, unique gesture. “This made me tear up! 😢 how thoughtful! ❤️,” one person commented. Another added: “The best gift to receive is being understood. Ben gets you completely. Gosh it’s lovely ❤️”

Erin isn’t just a big fan of Ben as a partner. She’s also a massive fan of him as a parent. The longtime couple share two children, Mae, 14 months, and Helen, 5. Erin has been vocal about what a wonderful dad Ben is to their baby and toddler. Last June, she shared a photo of her husband bottle feeding their daughter and expressed just how grateful she is to have him in her life.

We’re officially big fans of Ben, too. And, moms everywhere, we now know what to ask for whenever our next birthdays come up.

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