Kim Kardashian & other celebrities called out for violating LAs drought rules

Here in Virginia, we never really have “drought conditions.” Every five years or so, we’ll have a particularly dry month and the water utility company will send out a notice to keep an eye on our water usage, but that’s about it. If anything, we’re more likely to deal with flooding, especially during hurricane season, when hurricanes hit the states below us and then the hurricane remnant moves up to Virginia and dumps a f–kton of water on us. I can’t actually imagine living somewhere with near-permanent drought conditions. But Californians do. Californians – specifically LA County residents – are dealing with water restrictions and permanent drought conditions. Some celebrities don’t care though. Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Hart and Sylvester Stallone are all being called out by the municipal water people.

Some of Los Angeles’ most famous celebrities are getting put on blast after being outed for their excessive water use amid a severe drought emergency throughout Southern California. Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney are among Southern California’s worst offenders, Mike McNutt, a spokesman for the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District told NPR.

The pair have received “notices of exceedance” from the district, which serves the wealthy cities of Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Hidden Hills and Westlake Village. Those notices are given to district residents who have surpassed their monthly water usage budget allotted by the department at least four times, McNutt said.

Comedian Kevin Hart, former NBA star Dwyane Wade and his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, and Sylvester Stallone have also continued to exceed district limits despite repeated warnings and fines. Now, the water department could install flow restriction devices that can reduce gushing showers to a mere trickle, and would almost certainly turn the rolling lawns surrounding their respective mansions brown.

The violations were first reported by the Los Angeles Times. On Tuesday, McNutt confirmed the data, adding that, in all, more than 1,600 residents are breaking the rules.

He noted that the district is 100% reliant on imported water from the Sierra Nevada mountains 400 miles away. “We have no groundwater, we have no other alternative sources to draw from,” he added.

McNutt said the Kardashians have flouted their official water allowance by 150% or more for several months since water conservation efforts were first implemented at the end of last year.

By the utility’s count, he said, Kim Kardashian’s two adjoining lots in Hidden Hills, guzzled their June allotment and then some, going over by about 232,000 gallons. Her sister, Kourtney, who lives in Calabasas, drained another 101,000 gallons in excess. Combined, that amount of water would fill half of an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

[From NPR]

How are Kim and Kourtney using that much water, honestly? I guess some of it could be their pools, plus they both have kids and big households. I think it’s probably maintenance on the yard, right? She has lush greenery on her property, she has a kitchen garden, she has a pool. Anyway, Kim is going to hate it if they manually cut off her water to that degree.

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