I’m a Walmart super fan – my self checkout hack will make your life so much easier | The Sun

A FAN of retail giant Walmart has shared a nifty checkout hack that will add ease to your life.

Taking to social media, Jennifer Vee keyed her 30k TikTok followers in on the tip that will save you time at the store.

"Walmart hack!" Vee exclaimed in her TikTok video.

She explained that when you have a bunch of change to put in the self checkout machine at Walmart, instead of inserting it one by one, you can try something else.

Lift a little flap up on the machine and insert the coins all at once.

"And bam, life is easy. Thank me later guys," Vee concluded.

If you're looking for more hacks to make shopping at Walmart a breeze, a former Walmart employee previously revealed a sneaky hack to get staff to check for more stock faster.

In a TikTok video, Kevin Hammett Sr said: "If you ever want to call a Walmart and see if they have something on stock and want faster service, call Walmart A and tell them that it's a store-to-store call from Walmart B.

"An associate will pick it up faster."

Once you're on the line, act like you're a Walmart employee.

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Tell them that your system – called Telezon – says that their store has an item in stock, but you want to make sure before you send a customer over.

"They will run right to the product, check it for sure, and come back to the phone to tell you if they got it or not," Hammett concluded.

"It's a store-to-store from other local Walmarts, that's it."

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