Costco Has a 10-Foot Talking Skeleton Available Now — & It'll Scare All Your Neighbors

It’s almost fall, and we’re already dreaming of dark and stormy nights, scary movies, and Halloween parties. If you are as ready for #SpookySeason as we are, then head to Costco for the ultimate outdoor decoration that is sure to give your neighbors a fright. With its creepy eyes and eerie green glow, Costco’s 10-foot-tall animatronic skeleton will make you shriek in delight. Set it up in your yard to turn your house into the spookiest on the block!

Instagram user @costcosisters posted a video of the eerie Halloween decoration yesterday, which is available for $279.99. “Spooky season is here!💀” they captioned it.

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The video shows the 10-foot skeleton standing up near a display, with people standing in the background that offers an impressive height reference. The skeleton is wearing a black, tattered cape with a hood that’s cut out in the chest, revealing a bright lime-green light shining from the chest cavity. The skeleton turns its head and opens its mouth, opening its eyes wide as it moves its mouth and speaks four recorded phrases. It’s spooky, and we love it!

“It’s huuuuuge!!!” @costcosisters wrote over the video. “Will definitely spook everyone for Halloween!” they added.

The 10’ Animated Reaper Skeleton has light-up LCD eyes and an LED glowing chest. It’s motion-activated, so everyone walking past will get a creepy surprise when it moves and talks to them, while towering over your yard. Just be prepared for an influx of barking dogs and random screams once you set it up.

It’s also available for indoor use, so you can use it to create the ultimate haunted house. Or, make some eyeball hot cocoa bombs and turn on a scary movie for the perfect night in this Halloween. The possibilities are endless!

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