House Of The Dragon fans ‘traumatised’ by ‘gruesome’ birth scene: ‘It should have a warning’

House Of The Dragon viewers have been left traumatised and upset by a birth scene which takes place in the first episode of the new Game of Thrones prequel, with some saying it should come with a "trigger warning".

The new fantasy show which was released yesterday (21 August) and is a prequel to the epic series Game of Thrones, which starred Maisie Williams and Emilia Clarke.

In House of Dragons, Queen Aemma (played by Sian Brooke) goes into labour while a tournament is being held in King’s Landing to celebrate her new baby, who will be an heir for King Viserys Targaryen I (Paddy Considine).

Viewers witness medics cutting into her stomach as the baby is pulled directly out of her womb, causing fatal blood loss. Later at Aemma’s funeral, it’s discovered that the baby boy, who was named Baelon, also died.

Twitter lit up with viewers reacting to the graphic and upsetting moment with some calling it the most gruesome scene they’ve ever seen.

One said: "House of the Dragon should’ve come with trigger warnings for extremely pregnant women about to give birth"

Another commented: "Bruh that birth scene truly traumatized me," while another tweeted: "There’s been so much death in this series but this scene of her giving birth with no anesthetic c section?? Might be the most gruesome scene I’ve watched."

A fourth wrote: "I can not stomach this child birth scene. I am sick." And a fifth wrote: "house of the dragon so good scarfed it down except… the birth…"

During the episode, Viserys leaves the tournament to be at his wife’s side where he discovers the baby is breach and he must make the decision to allow the medical team to cut directly into Aemma’s stomach so they can deliver the baby, knowing that it will kill her.

Aemma is pinned down on the bed as Viserys tries to soothe her, telling her they’re going to bring the baby out now and that he loves her. Confused by what’s going on, Aemma spots the Maester approaching her with a knife, as she screams at her husband to stop what’s happening to no avail.

The creators of House Of The Dragon previously spoke to Vanity Fair about the scene, with author George RR Martin saying: "It’s visceral and it’ll rip your heart out and throw it on the floor. It has the kind of impact that the Red Wedding had. It’s a beautifully done scene of something horrible."

Co-showrunner Ryan Condal explained that the scene was "not meant to be gratuitous", as they wanted to convey the "heavy theme in this particular period" of "difficult births".

He added: "There’s this whole idea in Game of Thrones, or in the Middle Ages, or in historical age like this, that the men marched off to the battlefield and the women’s battlefield happened in the child bed. That was a very dangerous place to be.

"All of the complications that people go through in modern birth that are now fixed by science and medicine and surgery were not really possible back then. Any slight complication, anything could lead to very tragic consequences for the child and the mother."

In July, Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke opened up about two brain aneurysms she had while filming the popular HBO show saying that "quite a bit" of her brain is missing.

The actress, 35, who played main character Daenerys Targaryen on the show, spoke about the terrifying experiences she had after falling ill on two occasions on set, once in 2011 and another in 2013.

And co-star Maisie Williams, 25, recently surprised fans by chopping off her hair for a new buzz cut.

House Of The Dragon is available to watch on Sky Atlantic and NOW, with new episodes released at 2am on Mondays.


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