The Last Kingdom’s Father Pyrlig star pays tribute to ‘phenomenal’ Alexander Dreymon

Last Kingdom's Alexander Dreymon receives sword as gift

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Netflix’s historical drama The Last Kingdom closed its chapter on Uhtred (played by Alexander Dreymon) earlier this year. And following its satisfying finale, actor Cavan Clerkin paid tribute to his co-star for staring in the show and directing an episode. 

During season two, fans were introduced to Father Pyrlig (Cavan Clerkin) alongside Father Beocca (Ian Hart) where they discussed Thyra’s (Julia Bache-Wiig) wedding. 

Viewers also learned the priest was also once a warrior as he showed his unwavering loyalty to Wessex. 

Father Pyrlig also abided by both King Alfred (David Dawson) during his rule and that of his son, King Edward (Timothy Innes).

The priest soon became a fan-favourite among viewers for his sense of humour and ability to handle himself in the threat of war. 

This was seen towards the end of season two, during his battle against the super-warrior Boltan (Sergej Onopko). 

The fight took place after Uhtred decided the Viking warrior should have a chance to fight instead of being crucified, and as a result, Boltan was up against Father Pyrlig. 

Although the priest initially claimed to be incompetent, he defeated Boltan and revealed he was a Briton who grew up killing Saxon and now prefered to fight for his God, instead.

The actor opened up about working alongside Uhtred star Alexander Dreymon and praised his co-star. 

Speaking to and other press, Cavan stated: “It was amazing watching him because it’s such a big show.

“There are so many characters and so many set pieces, and we’ve got all the battles, and there’s multi-cameras. And then you’ve got to think that he was acting in it as well.

“So he was literally directing, stepping in, doing his bit, watching it on the screen, coming back in.”

Cavan added: “Phenomenal, and his attention to detail was just so incredible. I mean he literally actioned every character’s lines.

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“He had three different actions for every character, and I just thought that was phenomenal, that you would take that much detail and that much time.”

“I was really, really bowled over by it. Respect to Alex Dreymon, big time,” the actor concluded. 

Cavan wasn’t the only person to acknowledge Alexander’s directorial debut and praise the star for being one screen and behind the cameras. 

Sigtryggr star Eysteinn Sigurðarson also paid tribute to Alexander during the interview on The Screen Chronicles podcast Eysteinn stated: “His responsibility as the number one on the call sheet and to do that for years, he set the tone and set the bar for everyone else.”

He continued: “Respect, hard work, fun times but also for him to show up for his directorial debut.

“For every single frame you see in episode two, he had references, he had done his homework for every single character and every single line.

“He’s got ideas and he also has personal relationships with all the actors, was able to sometimes step back and let you do what you wanted to do.”

The Last Kingdom is available on Netflix

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