‘I rarely shower and I don’t wear deodorant but no one says I smell bad’

A woman has sparked debate online after revealing her hygiene routine that left her a "musty" body odour.

Addie Kirchner, from the US, admitted she was "dirty" when she shared her bathing habits on TikTok.

She said: "One thing about me is I am musty. I don't wear deodorant.

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"I go as long as possible without a shower. I use Dr Bronners as four-in-one. I go to bed with dirty feet.

"Hairbrush? Don't know her. I simply do not give a f***.

"My family is flabbergasted but have yet to tell me I smell bad."

The unusual cleaning routine has left people shocked as they shared their thoughts in the comments.

"And you see that as a flex? Hope you're comfortable being by yourself," one said and a second wrote: "I've got a girl at work that does the same way and doesn't shave anything, love that 'au natural'."

Another joked: "Sometimes, the musty pheromones be better than that cherry blossom perfume."

Others did not want to criticise much and said "you do you".

Addie is not the first TikToker who "came forward" to share their less-common shower routine.

Annabel Fenwick Elliot, a journalist, posted a video in May saying she could go on without shower for a week because she "doesn't see the point".

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The 35-year-old said she lives "in the middle of nowhere" and not taking shower daily doesn't bother her.

"Don't really see the point, don't really like the feeling, don't like being wet and having to get dry and it's cold," she explained in the clip.

"I don't use deodorant either because again I don't see the point. I don't feel very dirty."

But she said she will use deodorant when she goes out for grocery shopping and it's "out of courtesy for other people".


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