Megaladon was heavier than 10 elephants and could eat whales in ‘a few bites’

A new study into the terrifying prehistoric megalodon suggests it may have been even larger than previously thought and able to eat entire whales in just five bites.

Researchers at the journal of Science Advances used fossils of the enormous shark to create a 3D model of the beast.

From there they were able to surmise a few frankly scary clues about the life of the finned terror that once dominated the oceans.

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The study found that megalodons were probably about 50ft in length and probably weighed about 70 tons.

To put that in perspective, that's as many as 10 elephants.

Scientists also found that it's likely the shark could open its massive jaws to about 6ft – meaning it could swallow most humans whole if it wanted to.

It is these terrifying gnashers that led scientists to surmise a modern day megalodon would have no trouble at all eating an entire killer whale in just five bites.

It's thought that the megalodon was a migratory fish and could go months on end without a meal after it had filled itself up.

Commenting on the scary study, co-author John Hutchinson said: "It would be a superpredator just dominating its ecosystem.

"There is nothing really matching it.”

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