Emmerdale star teases Charles will have 'revenge affair' behind Manpreet's back?

Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) has settled in well to Emmerdale life, becoming a staple of the community as the local vicar.

His life started off quiet, but the drama level soon began to increase when we learnt a bit more about Charles’ past with Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) – who lived with Charles and Ethan (Emile John) under a false name.

Initially, Charles’ future in the Dales looked set to be with Andrea, but when Meena (Paige Sandhu) got in the way and ended up murdering her, Charles got back with Manpreet.

Reuniting with Manpreet has not been smooth sailing, as Charles had to deal with Meena’s revenge and now, his partner is clashing with Naomi (Karene Peter) – Charles’ distant daughter.

As the tense dynamic continues, Kevin Mathurin has wondered what’s ahead for his character and whether or not he could steer away from Manpreet.

‘Can you imagine?’, Kevin laughed as he spoke to Inside Soap Magazine about the prospect of Charles having an affair.

‘He’ll get his revenge and do a runner to Marbella! Or, is there room for Charles to have an affair? It would have to be someone totally unexpected!’

We briefly touched on the tension between Naomi and Manpreet, and the challenging relationships is something Charles will also start to experience, as Naomi takes full advantage of the fact her father is desperate to get to know her.

‘Charles is trying to make up for lost time, and that means Naomi has him twisted round her little finger’, Kevin adds.

‘He tolerates a lot of abuse from her, and then a situation occurs and disrupts his relationship with a parishioner in the village. Charles ends up putting his job in jeopardy for Naomi, who is his daughter, yet he doesn’t really know her. It’s going to get messy!’.

Despite only being in the show for just over a year, Kevin often finds himself meeting passionate fans of the show – with many feeling as though black culture is being well-represented in the village.

‘I walk around in London and never thought that middle-aged black men would be coming up to me to say how much they love the show and feel like black culture is being represented in the village. Honestly, the number of selfies I’ve had to take in my local Aldi!

‘It’s great that people are happy, and that Charles and Ethan are good role models.’

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