Americas Got Talent fans outraged as Maddie Taylor Baez has finale spot ‘stolen’: No no

AGT: Judges react to Maddie Taylor Baez's performance

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Maddie took to the stage once again during the second round of America’s Got Talent’s live shows and as expected, blew the audience and judges away with her performance. The 12-year-old had Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel all on their feet after belting out a rendition of Higher Love. However, it wasn’t enough for NBC viewers to send her through to the final.

Instead, series favourites Chapel Hart sailed through the final after their hair-raising performance of The Girls Are Back In Town – literally setting the stage alight.

While the second spot in the finale went to magician You Hojin, whose performance which touched on his own personal history left the judges dumbfounded.

Maddie finished in third place, narrowly missing out on a spot in the finale, although a number of fans have voiced their desire to see her reinstated as a “wildcard” act.

Others outright slammed the result altogether, with some claiming Maddie’s spot in the finale was “stolen” from her.

Taking to Twitter after the official AGT account shared the results, @JamesTheLiberal hit out: “Weird result. I didn’t even expect the magician to get into the top five. 

“Maddie & Chapel Hart definitely deserved to get through. Thought it was a no-brainer.”

And @PTXstan38 echoed: “I get why people voted for them but I’m still salty that this new format allowed for Maddie’s elimination so early on.”

“No no no. Should’ve been Maddie and the magician,” Austin Rains added to the debate.

Elsewhere, @MsBlizzardTV argued: “Chapel hart 100% deserved this. However, the magician?? Nothing we haven’t seen before. Stolen from Maddie who actually deserved that!!”

Rebecca Scungio concurred: “I don’t agree with this selection at all! Maddie should be up there. She is a true talent.”

However, there was some support for the outcome, with Dante Ferrise arguing: “FINALLY GOT THE RESULTS RIGHT FOR ONCE! I feel bad for Duo Rings & Maddie, incredible job last night. 

“Both are super talented. I just preferred the insane magic unlike anything Ive seen before. And felt Chapel Hart was more entertaining  plus their original song was so good.”

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While Twitter user @TheNittyNitts sympathised: “So happy! Both of them deserved!! Sad for Maddie tho. She also deserved.” (Sic)

Maddie may have missed out on a spot in the final but she certainly earned the praise of the AGT judges.

After all four got to their feet to applaud Howie’s golden buzzer act, Simon lauded: “Maddie, okay, so everybody thought this was rigged.

“The truth is, I was outside, I always run away when people are singing in the break because they’re terrible!

“I actually heard your voice and I thought, ‘Oh, at least someone’s good.’ So everything that happened was genuine.

“I have no idea what Terry [Crews] did and let me tell you something Maddie, you’ve got steel in your eyes because you really want this, don’t you?

“Yeah, I can tell, and by the way, I thought it went off-key at times but it didn’t matter, I thought that was a step up from your audition.

“That was seriously good and you are really really good,” Simon concluded.

America’s Got Talent continues Tuesday on NBC in the USA.

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