I got a rubbish eye tattoo so forked out to get it covered up – but it went painfully wrong and I ended up on crutches | The Sun

A WOMAN ended up unable to walk after a visit to a tattoo parlour went horribly wrong.

Desperate to get rid of a rubbish inking, Juli Moreno, 25, from Miami, the US, booked an appointment with a well-known tattoo shop in a nearby area.

However, things went from bad to worse in just a few hours, as the young beauty lover was soon left unable to walk properly.

The 25-year-old took it to TikTok to share the mortifying snaps of the tattoo fail and explain what had happened.

According to Juli, she had popped in a well-known shop in Miami to cover an eye design inking just above her left ankle, and after a consultation with the artist, they agreed on a cute sunflower stencil to go on top.

But although things were off to a promising start, it all took a sharp turn not even a day later, when Juli began to notice some signs of a nasty infection.

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''I couldn't even walk,'' she said.

As time went on, not only had the ankle become super swollen and painful to walk with, the black and white sunflower was covered in blisters.

''I was on crutches for two days because of the pain and extreme swelling,'' Juli claimed.

According to the young woman, stuck with crutches also meant she wasn't able to go to work.

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''I've seen three doctors and missed so many days of work because of this.''

Sharing the grim images, Juli also added that the owners of the parlour had also not taken any responsibility for what had happened.

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''The people at the shop never told me about the aftercare so I read upon it on the website and they're saying it's my fault it's infected when I did everything correctly.''

Baffled and angry, she continued in the caption: ''they’re denying that it’s infected and won’t own up.''

Since the horrifying incident, Juli has seen countless doctors and being on antibiotics, the tattoo is looking better.

''It's okay… The only thing is that my ankle does get really swollen when I walk.

''It went through the peeling stage and so now it's healed.''

Responding to those who were convinced she was the one responsible, Juli hit back: ''If the infection was my fault, it would have been over the course of a few days.

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''However, this happened within hours, meaning it could not have been my fault.

''There wasn't even time for me to do whatever for it to get infected.''

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