Coronation Street theory: Carla Connor forced out of business in Sarah betrayal plot

Coronation Street: Stephen uses absent wife's bank card

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When Carla Connor (played by Alison King) was revealed as the new boss of the fabric factory last year, Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) was left devastated after she missed out on the chance to buy her brother’s shares in the business. A new theory explored by could see Sarah about to get everything she’s ever wanted.

Over the recent weeks, viewers have seen the return of Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) to the cobbles amid his mother’s drinking problem.

Although not everyone is happy to see him back, Sarah seems to be impressed with her uncle after he offered business advice a few weeks ago.

She tries to convince Carla to buy silk from him, the Underworld boss is unimpressed and believes working with family doesn’t end well.

However, in upcoming episodes viewers will see Carla frustrated when she is struggling to secure a fabric order.

Causing a rift between them, Stephen then tells Sarah she’s the brains of the factory and should consider buying Carla out of her share in the business.

Later on, he confirms that he’s been able to source the material that they need at a reasonable price.

Wanting to prove to she knows what she’s talking about, Sarah shares her ideas with her uncle and asks for his help with Carla.

Although Carla has concerns over Stephen, Sarah continues to put pressure on her and after speaking to her friend Peter in the Rovers, she decides to hire him for some consultancy work.

However, her kindness may be taken for granted after Stephen pushes his niece to take out a loan and expand the business herself.

After being upset and angry she missed out on the chance to buy her brother’s shares in the past could Sarah listen to Stephen and try to run Carla out of business?

Elsewhere in the cobbles, viewers could see Toyah Battersby get herself into more trouble since rekindling with old flame Spider Nugent.

Over the past few episodes, people have seen the former couple grow closer together ever since his return.

Toyah is currently on trial for the death of her husband Imran Habeeb after he died following an incident that she caused.

In a recent episode, she was introduced to one of Spider’s friends called Griff who seemed to put him on edge.

Sat in the cafe, his old friend said: “Fancy seeing you here”

The awkward introduction resulted in Spider introducing Toyah to Griff as one of “the good guys.”

Laughing, he replied “Well I wouldn’t go that far.”

Spider revealed the pair met on the M25 when blocking the motorway together before reminding him of an upcoming protest.

Toyah is adamant she wants to attend despite Spider’s concerns that there will be loads of police around.

Although she told her sister Leanne it was “powerful and exhilarating”, her sister is worried Spider and his friends could be leading Toyah down a road of more trouble.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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