Alienware To Release Two New Gaming Monitors Featuring Retractable Headset Stands

Alienware is aiming to appeal to esports players with two new gaming monitors, the AW2523HF and the slightly larger AW2723DF. Both models are slimmer than Alienware’s past designs, prioritize high-speed refresh rates and pack in retractable headset stands to keep desk spaces free of clutter.

The simpler, and smaller, of the models is the 25-inch (610 mm) AW2523HF. Featuring a matte all-black colorway with the company’s iconic logo on the back, the HF sports a 1920 x 1080 resolution Fast IPS panel with a 360Hz refresh rate. It also has a revamped OSD layout to accommodate different gaming genres and adaptive sync support.

The white AW2723DF, meanwhile, stands at 27-inches (686 mm), also with the same updated OSD layout and two USB ports. This model, however, boasts a 1440p resolution with max 280Hz refresh rate. The DF is certified G-Sync compatible, meaning it’s been tried and tested by Nvidia as a top-notch monitor.

Alienware’s new AW2523HF launches on September 7 for $449.99 USD. The AW2723DF will follow on October 6, priced at $649.99 USD.

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