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WITH fibre-optic broadband getting rolled out to more and more of the country, speedy WiFi at home is more accessible than ever.

But just because you're getting top-quality broadband, that doesn't mean you have to spend top dollar. We've hunted down the best broadband deals in the UK for this month below.

If you haven't switched your broadband for a couple of years, it could be worth doing so. You'll often find your rates climbing the longer you're with a provider, while you could be getting the same package far cheaper elsewhere.

We've taken a look around the web at the best deals available right now, but it's worth doing a bit of your own research as well: the availability of certain packages and prices can change depending on your location.

Prices are correct at the time of writing. Some of the below deals also require a set-up fee and/or a minimum contract term. Prices of some of packages increase after the first 18 months.

Best UK broadband deals in August 2022

  1. Hyperoptic, 50 mbps average, £20 a month (£29 activation) – buy here
  2. Now, 63 mbps average, £22 a month – buy here
  3. Plusnet, 66 mbps average, £23.99 a month – buy here
  4. Virgin Media, (108mbps average), £24 a month – buy here
  5. Vodafone, 64 mbps average, £22 a month – buy here
  6. Sky, 59 mbps average, £25 a month (average) – buy here
  7. BT, 35-36 mbps average, £25.99 a month – buy here
  8. Zen, 31 mbps average, £29.99 a month – buy here
  9. Utility Warehouse, 35 mbps average from £21.60 – get a quote here
  10. Shop Three's broadband deals here

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