Spoilers: Mick makes his choice in EastEnders as he and Linda lean in for a kiss

EastEnders landlord and legend Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) has been torn between the love of his life, Linda (Kellie Bright), and the love of his recent life, Janine (Charlie Brooks), for quite a while now. Janine has had the upper hand recently because of her own scheming, but also because of Linda’s self-sabotaging behaviour and addiction to alcohol.

Still, to Janine’s extreme frustration, Mick and Linda have a bond which everyone agrees will always exist. And in coming episodes Mick realises that his feelings for Linda are as strong as ever.

As they watch baby Annie taking her first steps, Linda becomes emotional about the possibility that she’s going to prison soon, meaning she’ll miss out on so many precious moments with her daughter.

The moment also recalls similar times from their shared past, watching their other children, sharing all those little details of family life. Mick realises how much he would miss Linda – and they both lean in for a kiss.

They’re interrupted by Jada (Kelsey Calladine-Smith) walking in – but Mick can’t shake the feeling that his heart will always be with Linda…

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