Tristan Phipps was ‘on a date’ the night he got back with Liv Bentley after ‘lap dance’

They've been on again and off again more times than we can count, but Made In Chelsea stars Olivia Bentley and Tristan Phipps are insisting that after rekindling their romance once again, they're "in it for the long run".

Catching up exclusively with OK! this week to break the exciting news of their long-anticipated reunion – as well as the fact they've decided to live together in Liv's plush Chelsea flat – the lovebirds revealed the unusual circumstances that led to their paths crossing again, with Tristan actually dating someone else at the time.

"All it took was a drunken night in Raffles and a lap dance and we were back together!" 27-year-old Liv told us.

"That’s not what happened!" Tristan, also 27, quickly jumps in.

"I was actually on a date – or a liaison, let’s call it – at that club one night, and then Liv walked in with her friends. I hadn’t seen her in person for around five months and I just thought to myself, 'Oh f**k, I’m still in love with her'."

The happy couple called it quits for what fans assumed was the final time last year, citing filming pressures and being compelled to live together prematurely during the Coronavirus pandemic as the reasons they grew apart.

"Being almost 'forced' to live together during the pandemic – when we were also filming the show together as well – meant we couldn’t learn to love each other naturally," Tristan disclosed. "Any normal lovers’ tiff was heightened in that environment."

"We both struggled massively with not being able to escape one another," Olivia agreed. “There was no breathing room. And with the public chipping in at all of our decisions, despite only seeing two minutes of arguments on camera, we couldn’t cope.

"We’d just go for a walk in the park and someone would photograph us, send the pictures to the press and they’d claim we were having a huge argument. Things like that took their toll on us."

The pair have now revealed however that they finally feel ready to settle down officially, by deciding to move into Liv’s flat together.

"When we decided to get back together this time, we knew we’d be in it for the long run," Olivia revealed. "So, we thought, why delay? It just felt like the right time for us. We’re living together on our own terms now, so it’s been a lot more exciting.

"It would take a serious amount of arguing to break us up now – even if there’s always an abundance of laundry around our flat, or I leave my hair clips everywhere! I can’t imagine now waking up with him every morning – plus he’s a great chef and cooks all my meals."

Tristan then laughed, "We just work now. She’s the breadwinner and I’m a pro chef! We’ve now had this time apart to grow up, so now we’ve hit the reset, I can’t see anything getting in our way."


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