Marriage star pays tribute to Nicola Walker and Sean Bean Two of the best

Jack Holden discusses new BBC show 'Marriage'

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The new four-part BBC series began on Sunday night, and it certainly left viewers divided. Marriage follows the life of couple Emma (played by Nicola Walker) and Ian (Sean Bean), who tied the knot 27 years ago. It also centres around their adopted daughter, Jessica (Chantelle Alle) and her controlling boyfriend Adam (Jack Holden).

Emma’s dad also features heavily in the programme, as it looks at their strained relationship.

However, speaking with Tim Lovejoy and Miquita Oliver on Sunday Brunch, actor Jack paid a sweet tribute to his co-stars.

He also branded the show’s writer and director Stefan Golaszewski a “genius”.

Speaking about the storyline, Jack began: “Sean Bean and Nicola Walker are obviously two of our best and they portray a couple who have been married for 27 years.

“And as you can see, Sean’s having a bit of a difficult time.

“But they’re kind of it’s negotiating the nuances of a long-term relationship.”

Praising the script, the actor continued: “It’s really detailed, beautiful writing from Stefan Golaszewski.

“He’s a genius. His shows, Him and Her and Mum… just amazing some of my favourites.

“There’s some of that same humour in there. So this is more drama, there’s that very human low-level humour in it.”

Turning her attention to Jack’s character, Miquita chipped in: “You’re the kind of not very nice boyfriend.”

“Yeah,” he admitted before adding: “They have a daughter played by the amazing Chantelle Alle, and I play her boyfriend and yeah, I’m basically a bit manipulative.”

The second instalment of Marriage will continue tonight, and viewers will get a better understanding of Emma and Ian’s relationship.

While Nicola Walker’s character immerses herself into her job at a solicitors, Ian is left at home not knowing what to do with his spare time.

After being let go from his job, Ian finds himself at the gym more where he seems to be mesmerised by one of the staff members.

Elsewhere, Emma and Ian’s daughter Jessica begins to see how controlling her boyfriend can be, especially after they sat down to dinner with her parents.

The first episode of the BBC series left viewers divided, although, many seem to pick fault with the sound quality.

Ian Paul tweeted: “This may be the most boring ‘drama’ I have ever watched. The glacial pace and poor sound values coupled with the weird choir at high volume is not what I expect for my licence fee. Get a grip BBC!” (sic)

Bernie Sutton added: “Agree. The sound is shocking. Sort it out.”

However, some viewers were loving Sean and Nicola’s portrayals, with Lucy commenting: “So far excellent. I love pauses and vulnerability. Sean Bean gets better every time I see him in something.”

“Erm #marriage episode 1, I think it’s amazing. I have laughed a lot so far #bbc @NicolaWalkerHQ @SeanBeanOnline,” Dominique Jackson penned.

Marriage continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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