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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed why sitting in a window seat on a plane could be bad for your skin – in more ways than one.

Former cabin crew member Arina Bloom spent two years dealing with passengers on planes and has learnt all about the mistakes we make every time we board an aircraft.

One big error people regularly make on planes is sitting in the window seat without wearing any sunscreen.

She revealed why passengers are at a greater risk of sunburn while on a plane than they can be on the ground.

In an article for Insider, she said: "You may feel protected from the outside elements when you're on a plane. But after take off, as the aircraft passes through clouds, the sun only gets stronger. 

"Up in the sky, the sun that comes through the window is very powerful, which can lead to you getting exposed to more UV light than normal.

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"It's important to wear and reapply sunscreen before and during the flight."

Arina's advice is also backed up by dermatologists, who have previously explained why pilots are at greater risk of skin damage due to their job.

Dr Sweta Rai of the British Association of Dermatologists told Sun Online Travel: “Pilots are at higher risk of skin cancer and sun-induced damage as they sit in bright light.

“The windows they sit at when piloting the plane are huge and as a result they wear sunscreen as standard.

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“But passengers on flights should take heed and do the same.

“The window next to you on a plane may be small, but you’re closer to the ozone layer on a flight by tens of thousands of feet.

“The sun’s rays are much more harmful at this level and we should all be wearing sunscreen when flying.”

The sun isn't the only thing that could affect your skin while on a plane either.

The dry atmosphere on board, created by dry air being recycled, can also create problems for us.

Arina recommends applying a healthy covering of moisturiser before each flight.

Her advice is to find a good moisturiser for lips and hands, as well as a good eye lubricant to prevent redness.

She also suggests avoiding sheet masks or eye patches, explaining that they contain a lot of water and will just end up making skin even drier.

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