Emmerdale fans baffled by arrest blunder as cop chase leaves them in hysterics

Emmerdale viewers have been questioning the grounds of Naomi Harris' arrest after her father Charles Anderson was found unconscious in the church following a brief altercation.

Although Charles is desperate to rekindle his relationship with his long-lost daughter Naomi, she still isn't too keen on the prospects.

During Monday night's show, Naomi agreed to talk to Charles but an argument quickly escalated.

When Manpreet tried to find out what was going on, she found Charles unconscious and quickly blamed Naomi for his condition.

Policewoman Harriet who saw the commotion unfold and decided to arrest Naomi due to Manpreet pointing the finger at her.

But as the drama start to heat up, fans started to question Naomi's grounds for arrest.

Jumping onto Twitter, one person said: "Stupid. Can't arrest Naomi just on someone's say so. Absolutely ridiculous. Much as I want her disappeared."

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