Outlander’s Alexander Vlahos speaks out on transformation for new role: ‘They’re my own!’

Sanditon's Alexander Vlahos says he 'grew his sideburns' for show

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Alexander Vlahos made quite the introduction to the world of Outlander in season six of the Starz drama as part of the mysterious and villainous Christie family. With season seven currently in production, Jamie (played by Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) fans are keen to learn how they’ll see off Allan Christie (Vlahos) and the rest of his clan. However, as fans wait for season seven to arrive, Alexander is currently starring in ITV’s Sanditon.

Those used to seeing him in Outlander may fail to recognise the star in his new role of Charles Lockhart in the period drama, however.

While the clean-shaven and long-locked appearance became synonymous with Allan Christie, Charles Lockhart instead opts for a curly quiff and eye-drawing sideburns. 

And it turns out, unlike his Sanditon co-stars Kris Marshall and Jack Fox, the signature sideburns weren’t the product of the drama’s makeup department. 

Peaking to Ranvir Singh on ITV’s Lorraine on Friday, August 12, Alexander divulged: “I think it [the Sanditon role] is kind of written for me in a weird way.

“So I am kind of Charles Lockhart in a weird way which people who know me will probably go, ‘Yes, that’s exactly you.’ 

“People have said, ‘Oh, it’s just you walking up to set, isn’t it?’ I grew the sideburns myself, I did…”

Ranvir interjected to point out: “Apparently the sideburns have their own Twitter account?”

“Yes, they do!” Alexander replied with a chuckle. “They’re called Lamb and Sponge. I don’t know why they’re called Lamb and Sponge.”

As a photo of the Twitter account appeared on the studio’s screen, Ranvir went on: “Let’s take a look. 

“‘The most striking and seductive sideburns in Sanditon.’ Are they your own?”

Alexander confirmed: “They are my own. That was the bit… so when I was sat in the makeup chair, I’d grown these over two months…

“And I walking around and I look like Charles, you know, and I’m in the makeup chair with Kris Marshall to the left of me and Jack Fox is to the right and they’re getting stick-ons! 

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“And I felt really let down by the makeup department that I had to grow my own,” he joked.

“But hey, at least we know it’s real,” the Outlander star added.

Finding the ordeal rather amusing, Ranvir asked again: “And what are they called? They’ve got separate names?”

Alexander revealed the meaning behind the nicknames, telling the Lorraine star: “Yeah, they’re called, I think left is called Lamb and the right is called Sponge. 

“Basically I got lamb food and sponge cake from set, you know, lamb food and sponge dessert and posted a photo of it,

“And the Twitter account said that’s the name, Lamb and Sponge,” Alexander admitted.

The pair shared a laugh before they moved on to discuss more about the second season of the hit period drama.

Outlander seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Starzplay in the UK.

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