Love Island star Faye Winter sparks engagement rumours after ring comment

Faye Winter, 27, and Teddy Soares, 26, were one of the runners up of Love Island 2021.

Since their ups and downs in the villa, they have both been keeping busy following the final of the ITV2 show.

Faye is appearing on Celebrity MasterChef, showing off her culinary skills that Love Island fans saw little of last year.

The pair regularly share updates on their Instagram accounts to their millions of followers.

In recent weeks, Faye has teased her relationship going to the next level in a livestream to her fans.

It comes after she recently returned from a beautiful trip to the Greece on the idyllic island of Santorini.

Are Faye Winter and Teddy Soares still together?

Yes, the loved-up couple have remained an item after just missing out on the top spot to Liam Reardon and Millie Court on Love Island 2021.

They just returned from Santorini together, with the two speaking to OK! about their magical trip with Faye saying they “needed the trip”.

Teddy added: “[It was] unreal. Literally. It came at a perfect time as well, like as well, we couldn’t have imagined it to be.

“Everything’s been mayhem. And it was time to stop, reflect and just appreciate each other I think.”

More recently, the pair attended a Tiffany event just last week, where Faye hinted at a possible engagement announcement to come.

Turning to Teddy during the event, she looked at the jewellery brand’s rings, saying: “If you love me, you'll buy me one!”

During the Instagram Live video, Faye said: “So today we've come to the Tiffany and Co. exhibition courtesy of Fendi and now we're going to go look at engagement rings for me!”

Teddy then jokingly ran away before saying: “I love you but you're going to give me a heart attack.”

Faye replied: “It's only the price that'll give you a heart attack. I'm gonna get my ring, guys. I'm gonna get my ring.”

The two moved in together just a couple of months after finishing Love Island and Faye was asked if married was on the cards shortly after.

She made her intentions clear, saying: "Yes. At 26 you're either dating for heartbreak or dating for marriage and I'm definitely not dating for heartbreak.

“Out of everyone who has watched Love Island, I'd 99.9% of women say they would want to live with Teddy. It's great.

"It was difficult for us to spend time apart than spending time together. We knew we needed to live together because our schedules are so busy.

"We're in a relationship where I do my thing, Teddy does his thing but we support each other. He's my biggest supporter and I'm his."

What is Faye Winter doing now?

Following her exit from the villa in August 2021, it wasn’t long before Faye’s next project was announced.

She became a Campaign Star for Guide Dogs as she had previously been a volunteer for The Guide Dogs for four years.

On Instagram, she wrote: "I honestly cannot believe I have the honour of writing this, I’m delighted to say now as a Campaign Star for Guide Dogs we will be doing so many fun, exciting campaigns together (PINCH ME!)"

She often shares snaps and videos of her adorable pooches on social media, with Flossie being her latest four-legged friend.

After returning her to the training centre, she wrote: “11 days has gone far too quickly.

“Back to being the incredible life changer that you are Flossie. Crazy how this amazing lady always manages to be there when I need her the most and she has no idea.

“The last couple of weeks have probably been my hardest since leaving the villa which I know many of you have picked up on.

“But having this one has been the reason I’ve managed to smile every single day.

“We discovered new walks each day, she allowed me to turn off, take a break, listen to my body, clear my head and enjoy the small things that’s always made me me, something I didn’t even realise I needed.

“She reminded me who I am and what makes me Faye.”

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