Woman attacked by koala in Queensland after trying to give it a cuddle

Surprising moment a cute and cuddly koala turns aggressive and attacks a woman when she tries to give it a hug at the side of the road

  • Woman gets a surprise after the koala becomes aggressive and lunges at her  
  • The video was filmed in Queensland and posted on TikTok this week  
  • She appears to crouch down to cuddle the koala before it tries to attack her  
  • As the woman tries to back away from the koala, she is seen falling to the ground 

A woman in Queensland has received a rude shock when the cute koala she tried to cuddle by the side of the road suddenly attacked her. 

The video, posted on TikTok on Thursday, has already received more than one million views. 

In the video captioned ‘Talking to a drop bear gone wrong,’ the person filming the scene can be heard saying: ‘This b***h trying to talk a f***ing koala… it’s about to f*** her day up and I’m about it.’

In the TikTok video, a woman can be seen approaching a koala that was siting on the side of the road 

In the video the woman is seen approaching the koala after spotting it sitting at the side of a busy motorway.

She then appears to talk to the marsupial as she crouches down.

But as she moves closer, appearing to want to give the animal a cuddle, the koala becomes alarmed and lunges at the woman.

As she tries to back away, the woman loses her balance and falls to the ground.

The koala then begins to attack her while she is on the road. 

As the koala goes on the offensive, the person behind the camera is heard yelling out: ‘Get em! Get em! Hahaha.’   

After crouching down as though she was about to give the koala a hug, it became aggressive and lunged at the woman, forcing her to fall to the ground as she tried to back away (pictured) 

Koalas are more likely to become aggressive and attack humans if they feel threatened or that a human is about to attack them.  

Many of those commenting on the video suggested the woman’s incautious approach to the native animal indicated she was likely an American, though it’s unknown where she comes from. 

‘When Americans come to Australia,’ one person said. 

‘Tell me you aren’t from Australia without telling me you aren’t from Australia,’ another commented. 

‘If people from America ask me if drop bears are real I’ll send them this,’ a third commented. 


Threats to their young: 

One of the main reasons why koalas become aggressive is when they feel a potential threat to their offspring.

When koalas sense a human will approach their young or try to touch them, they may turn aggressive and ready themselves for an attack.

Invasion of territory: 

Koalas are highly territorial animals, so any encroachment on their territory can produce an aggressive response.

Threats to their own safety: 

Like any other animals, koalas will also become aggressive if they perceive they are being threatened or are at risk of attack. 

Source:  Ranger Planet (rangerplanet.com) 

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