I fantasise about sex with men when I'm intimate with my girlfriend | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: WHILE I’m having sex with my new girlfriend, I fantasise that I’m doing it with a man.

The best sex I ever had was with another guy, so now I’m wondering if I’m gay.

I’m 19 and have always had girlfriends.

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I thought I was straight. But recently I got very drunk at a party and ended up in a bedroom with a guy.

I climaxed far faster doing foreplay with him than I ever had during full sex with my girl.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Don’t focus on how fast you climaxed – it’s different with everyone, regardless of their sex.

The “illicit” thrill of being with a man could have made you feel more excited.


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You’re exploring your sexuality, which is normal and healthy. You may be bi, or gay, or just bi-curious.

Don’t worry about labelling yourself. My support packs, Bisexual Questions and Gay Issues, will help.

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