‘Trolls shame me for my curvaceous figure – but I’m healthier than ever’

A plus size model has claimed she's healthier than ever – after trolls cruelly criticised her curvaceous figure.

Hunter McGrady is a model and podcast host, with over 726,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Having recently given birth, and standing at 6 feet tall, her curvy figure hasn’t prevented her from becoming hugely successful.

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She has even featured in the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine five years on the spin – but Hunter stressed that her success hadn’t stopped trolls from critiquing her curvy figure.

“We’ve been so automatically conditioned to equate weight to health, and yes there’s a lot of times when those two things correlate, but not always,” she told thn Daily Blast Live.

“A lot of the time people comment on my posts being like, ‘you’re promoting obesity, this is a health risk’, but my medical records say otherwise.”

In fact, Hunter looked back on the time when she had been forced to lose weight to enter the modelling industry as some of her darkest days.

“I’ve been a size two where I was the most unhealthy. I bruised like a peach, I was always tired, I had dark circles under my eyes,” she recalled.

“So really that is a stigma that I wish would just change completely.”

Now, having come to terms with her size, Hunter is on a mission to empower other women to accept their figure, and accepted that she will typically be labelled as plus size.

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“When I first started out in this business, I was like, ‘don’t call me plus size, don’t label me’, but as I kept saying that on talk shows and on interviews, so many women messaged me and they were like, ‘wait girl, this is the reason you’re in this spot and you should be proud of it’,” she said.

“They’re absolutely right and I am dang proud of it, I am plus size and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”


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