Skydiver spun out of control and killed in Brazil

Moment skydiver jumped out of airplane in Brazil and spun out of control before fatally slamming into roof of family home

  • Andrius Jamaico was killed while skydiving in Boituva, a city in the southeastern Brazilian state of São Paulo, on July 19
  • A video filmed by skydiving instructor Paulo Mirkai, which shows Jamaico receiving instructions
  • Footage also shows him acknowledging he was aware of the location of the parachute breakaway handle 
  • He spun out of control and Mirkai was able to grab his leg before losing his grip 
  • The Boituva Civil Police is still investigating the cause of the accident but said Jamaico was unable to open the parachute correctly as he was falling

Newly released video shows a skydiver’s last moments before he was killed in an accident in southeastern Brazil.

Andrius Jamaico, 38, died after falling on the roof of a home in the São Paulo city of Boituva on July 19.

Footage obtained by Brazilian network TV Globo showed Jamaico receiving directions from a skydiving instructor, Paulo Mirkai, as the businessman was preparing to jump out of the airplane with other skydivers.

Jamaico jumped out of the aircraft with Mirkai holding on to his arm sleeve and leg and at one point confirmed with the instructor that he was aware of the location of the breakaway handle by touching the lever.

Still image from a video that showed Andrius Jamaico skydiving moments before he appeared lose control before falling to top of a home where he was killed in São Paulo, Brazil, on July 19. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident, but the police chief for the city of Boituva said the 38-year-old unable to open the parachute correctly, thus provoking the deadly fall

Andrius Jamaico was only skydiving for the third time ever when he was killed after crashing on top of a home July 19 in São Paulo, Brazil

Andrius Jamaico fell approximately 6,500 feet from the sky and slammed into a residence’s zinc roof panel

The skydiving instructor, who was a camera mounted on top of his helmet, subsequently releases Jamaico, who appeared to be in control before he suddenly stared to spin around.

The instructor was able to grab Jamaico by the leg but lost his grip.

Jamaico, who was skydiving only for the third time, continued to spin as the instructor deployed his parachute with the ground landing spot quickly approaching.

He fell approximately 6,500 feet from the sky and slammed into the residence’s zinc roof panel before falling to the ground. He was declared dead at the scene.

“What I can say is that I did everything I could, even so the images don’t leave my head,” Mirkai said.

The Boituva Civil Police department is still investigating the accident and believe that Jamaico was unable to open the parachute correctly to avoid the deadly fall.

Skydiving outings over Boituva have been temporarily suspended. 

Andrius Jamaico receives instructions prior to jumping out of an airplane in São Paulo, Brazil

Skydiving instructor Paulo Mirkai holds on to Andrius Jamaico moments before he acknowledges that he is aware where the parachute’s breakaway handle is located

“From what we saw at the site, there was no full opening of the equipment, or even nothing opened, neither of the two canopies, neither the reserve, nor the main one,” police chief Emerson Martins told G1.

Marcelo Costa, president of Boituva Paratroopers Association, said Jamaico could have prevented the deadly accident if he had used the ‘five second rule’ which calls for a skydiver to immediately deploy the parachute if they sense a problem while diving.

“We believe that the student lost stability in free fall and, instead of triggering the parachute, he was fighting to try to regain stability,” Costa said. ‘The automatic triggering device worked, releasing the reserve parachute, however, in the opening process, because the parachutist was spinning, he ended up getting tangled up in his body and interrupting the opening process.”

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