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A FASHION expert has revealed which outfits and garments make you look outdated – and it's time to ditch the round-toe ballerinas.

Fashion has no rules – as long as you feel your best and most fierce, you can wear whatever you want however your heart desires.

But if throughout the last few weeks you've been feeling as if you're outfits have been lacking that something and the garments don't reflect the trendy babe you are, it might have something to do with your wardrobe.

One expert, Shea Whitney, took it to YouTube to share a list of outfits that are extremely outdated – and how to fix them.

Long skirt & denim jacket

Nothing screams relaxing summer evening stroll like a pair of long skirt in a flower print paired with a denim jacket to keep you cosy, as well as some round-top ballerinas.

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But according to Shea, this outfit has had its time: ''You've seen this outfit on Pinterest. It's been way overdone.''

Instead, ditch the jacket and replace the flats with some heels, and if you want to be warm grab a faux leather jacket or a long sleeve top.

The ultimate fall outfit

''The classic beige scarf and beige cardigan, striped shirt and riding boots. Yeah, that's overdone, a little outdated.

''It's like the go-to outfit for the last four, five years.''

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For a more up-to-date look, wear light wash denim trousers, a stripe shirt and an oversized corduroy shirt jacket, and top it off with a pair of chunky boots.

Different tops

Trends come and go – and according to Shea, there are some, like the oversized Paisley print, that belong in the past.

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''This is just terrible outdated, emphasis on the ''terrible''.''

Another no-no is the off-the shoulder t-shirt with built-in straps to hide your bra.

''I am totally fine with showing your shoulder, like off-the shoulder tops, show some skin. But this is, this is just weird.''

Although not necessarily outdated, there is another fashion mistake to best avoid – having a stripy shirt with a pocket where the stripe design doesn't line up properly.

''It just makes your outfit look bad.''

Speaking of the things she once recommended that she now semi-regretted, Shea shared a clothing piece she no longer reached out for – a loose button down cardigan with a knot on the bottom.

''I think it is terrible – because if you zoom in into front there, once you see something, you can't unsee it.

''I feel like it looks like a man part,'' she chuckled.

The 50-50 outfit

The 50-50 outfit means the measurements of your legs and the top half divide you into two – and although there is nothing wrong with it, you can make small tweaks that will elongate your legs.

Here, it is very important to pay attention to waist, so it's best to stick to high-waist jeans or trousers.

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T-shirt paired with a long sleeve top

We get it – you want to stay warm. But as Shea pointed out, there are more ways to remain cosy and toasty whilst still looking trendy and stylish.

Ditch the long sleeve top and replace it with a fashionable denim jacket, she advised.

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