How the Queen is ‘making statements’ post Megxit ‘for the survival of the monarchy’

Prince Harry and William: Expert discusses 'fab four'

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Prince Charles is reportedly trying to “slim down” the Monarchy to just a team of eight ready for when he takes the throne. If the reports are true, the key members include his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Kate Middleton. In recent months these four members of the Royal Family have been conducting more public appearances together. Royal expert Katie Nicholl previously told GB News how Charles and Camilla now make up the new ‘Fab Four’ – taking Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s role after they decided they no longer wanted to be working senior royals. But how is the new Fab Four different and what impact will they make on the Royal Family’s future? spoke to body language expert Judi James who analysed and compared the royals’ behaviour. 

Judi said: “The whole point of the original (and very short-lived) ‘Fab Four’ was that they raised expectations by their shared youth and the new dynamic, relevance and energy that they brought to the Firm. 

“They were not just a newer generation in themselves with the ability to modernise and market the monarchy, they were busy creating a new generation of their own, too. 

“Kate was pregnant and it was pretty clear the very besotted Harry and Meghan would be starting their own family soon.” 

She continued: “They were presented in matching outfits and the idea was that they would entertain as well as inspire people. 

“We expected to laugh with them and watch their campaigns as they blew through the stuffier corners of the royal family like a much-needed breath of fresh air.

“The bubble clearly burst but the need is still there,” the expert remarked. 

“If Harry and William had never had their rift and if the Sussex’s were here standing shoulder to shoulder with the Cambridges with their children playing and growing happily together we would have been welcoming a new golden era for the royal Firm.

“Instead we are being directed towards the ‘Fab four’ of Camilla, Charles, William and Kate. 

“Charles has been including his son on formal engagements and we’re told Camilla and Kate are now the firmest of friends. 

“It’s clear the re-grouping and the team tightening is necessary in the face of the Queen’s partial retirement from some royal duties and in many ways in the face of some batterings from over in the US.

“The original Fab Four would have been exciting, dynamic and innovative, a fresh start. 

“This current Fab Four looks more like a circling of the wagons under attack. Even the bonding on display follows some rather rocky relationships in the past,” Judi suggested. 

“It’s good to see Charles and William appear to overcome their differences and to grow what looks like a warmer relationship recently and if Kate is the friend of Camilla she is said to be, her support should be invaluable to Charles’ wife and future Queen. 

“But otherwise this looks like a family line-up, not a team of royal superheroes.

“They greet one another warmly and Charles has used several signals, like blowing a kiss, to register the fact that he is very fond of Kate and when he was glimpsed bouncing little Louis on his lap at the jubilee we suddenly saw him in grandpa mode too.

“It is also clearly important to the Queen that she has a strong sense of continuity as she moves into the last years of her reign and by making statements like the ones in these photos, Charles and his son and heir will reinforce that sense of a peaceful and successful legacy after decades of splits and rifts.” 

Judi said: “This family has been filleted and pared down in a shocking way. 

“Wives have gone, brothers have been air-brushed and even if we added Princess Anne and Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex to the mix they are fielding a very small team. 

“It is so important that those left standing put on a show of unity and like-minded affection, which is why fans should celebrate this new quartet because any further rifts between them would be inconceivable.

“They look happy together and they look unified in their understanding of how important these displays are for the survival of the monarchy. But the new Fab Four? Not in the true sense of the tag,” she added. 

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