Neighbours smashes ratings record with final episode after 37 years on air

Neighbours: BBC Breakfast takes a tour of Ramsay Street

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The last episode of Neighbours drew in the biggest audience in 13 years when the tear-jerking final instalment aired in Australia on Thursday evening. Fans have been gearing up for the soap’s final conclusion for months after it was axed after almost four decades. The episode is yet to be shown in the UK, with viewers prepared to tune into Channel 5 to watch the nostalgic ending on Friday night.

According to TV Tonight ratings, 873,000 viewers across Australia tuned in to watch the show bow out.

The record-breaking number joined regular fans on Channel Ten, making it the top-rated show of the night.

The 90-minute finale saw the return of several familiar faces who returned to the soap to bid one last farewell.

Among these was Kylie Minogue, who found fame on the soap back in 1986.

She was joined by her onscreen husband Jason Donovan, delighting fans after their iconic wedding scene in 1987.

Hollywood star Guy Pearce also reprised his role as Mike Young to enjoy one final trip to Ramsay Street.

Rival Australian soap Home and Away paid tribute to the soap.

The official Twitter account of the show posted a message which read: “Hats off to the amazing cast and crew at Ramsay Street for an epic 37 years.

“@neighbours will forever be an iconic part of Australian television history.

“From everyone here in the Bay, massive respect and admiration for you all #celebratingneighbours.”

Neighbours stalwart joined Good Morning Britain on Friday to reflect on his 27 years in the soap.

When asked about his favourite moments, he told Ranvir Singh and Ben Shephard: “Well, I think the storyline I hold dearest to my heart is Sonya’s (Rebecchi, played by Eve Morey) death storyline, that’s the one I just absolutely loved.

“Doing that with Eve Morey was just so, so special.

“But the one that just is burned into my mind is the 6,000th episode.

“Tony (Romeoto, Nick Carrafa) tries to impress some new clients, who are nudists and he has to have a nude lunch.

“And Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) has a winning scratch card that he’s lost in Tony’s house, and he tries to get back in to find it but the only way he’s allowed in is if he strips off.

“The lasting memory is really of Alan Fletcher just being nude in my lounge.”

It was announced last year that the once-popular Australian programme would be calling it a day after viewing figures declined

Fans have since been feeling bittersweet about the last episode, eager to see how the iconic soap would say goodbye but sad to tune in for the last time.

Neighbours airs on Friday at 6pm on Channel 5.

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