Tichina Arnold Fired Up for Grandma Role in Netflix-WWE's 'Main Event'

Tichina Arnold is gonna blow your mind in the first movie produced by Netflix and the WWE … ’cause she’s gonna change your concept of what grandmothers look like.

Tichina was on Tuesday’s “TMZ Live” to talk about “The Main Event,” when the conversation quickly turned to that old saying … Black don’t crack!!! See, she’s playing grandma — or as she puts it, G-ma — to an 11-year-old kid who gets his shot to become a WWE superstar.

You gotta see what happened when we brought up her role … mistakenly thinking she’s playing the kid’s mom. Ooops!!! Big time.

Hey, honest mistake … because nothing about Tichina looks grandmotherly, but we had some big laughs with her talking about it. She also confessed while Black may not crack it does do something else. Watch.

BTW, TA is hosting a live virtual premiere for ‘Main Event’ from her social media pages … which you can check out next Friday, April 10.

We can testify, hanging with Tichina, even virtually, is a blast … check out Tuesday’s “TMZ Live” if ya don’t believe us.

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